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Bryndan is an engineer turned entrepreneur who enjoys studying all things innovation, interpolating data, and discussing the future with really smart people. His mix of technical and social expertise has been developed over decades of working with Fortune 100, tech startups, community based small businesses, and NPOs.


Bryndan D. Moore is an American entrepreneur, filmmaker and leading voice in innovation. The creator and host of The Black Futurist podcast and former engineer, Moore creates media and communities.

The Black Futurist podcast explores the intersection of technology, and humanity through a culture lens, and features interviews with leaders in tech, entrepreneurs, academics, and artists. Speculative fiction, science fiction and fantasy, are often the subject on The Black Futurist as they push the limits of our imagination. The show asks the questions, what are our visions of the future, and how does the work we’re doing today impact that future? What are the implications of the innovations of our time?

In addition to hosting his podcast, Moore gravitates toward ventures that focus on community, both in person and through technology solutions. This varies from cafes in Brooklyn to Web3 token communities. Keeping up with the trends in innovation, Moore frequently serves as executive show floor guide at technology conferences.

Ebony magazine recognized Moore as one of the 150 most influential Black people in America.

Bryndan leading discussion at CES 2023

What's the secret sauce?


From IoT to Business Intelligence, from Metadata to Nutrition, I study it, engage with experts in the field, curate and lead discussions on what is coming next. Bigger question: How do we need to be positioned for success?


You've heard of cross-fitters who notice items throughout the day and say "I bet I could lift that." Engineers often see the world, looking for problems we can solve.


Years of coaching people and teams to phenomenal success, causes one to build a great empathy. Especially as "Change" is the order of the day.

Sounds great, right?


What Clients Say

Bryndan was fantastic at CES, navigating our group through the vortex of innovation. His knowledge & insights added a thoughtful lens to all that we saw, provoking us to think about implications & opportunities.

VP of Global Media, Unilever

Bryndan gave an amazing friendly and insightful Data tour at NAB Show that left me craving for more... I learned a lot and look forward to continue chatting with him about the future of tech.

Sr. QA Engineer, Amazon Studios

Bryndan's expertise and passion for the industry were immediately apparent, and his willingness to share his knowledge and insights made the experience all the more valuable. I was impressed with Bryndan's professionalism and his ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. He has a deep understanding of the industry and a keen eye for emerging trends and technologies. His insights and recommendations have been invaluable as I continue to explore opportunities in the field.


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Recording The Black Futurist podcast
Team with Barry Sanders
CES 2023 VR
CES 2023 - Bryndan explaining innovations
Bryndan introducing Super Producer Ron Lawrence